R & M Photography | About

R & M Productions is a family owned and operated business. Owners, and siblings, Bruce Mues, Geraldine Reuter and Art Mues have combined our individual family talents together to create this business and offer unique and beautiful creations from Western Nebraska and the surrounding states. Having grown up on a ranch in the Sandhills north of Oshkosh, Nebraska we were always photographing our surroundings. Since then we have moved a little further west and now have families of our own. Bruce and his family live in Gering, Nebraska, Geraldine and her family live south of Bridgeport on a farm/ranch near Court House and Jail Rock and Art and his family live in Bismarck, North Dakota. Our family and friends have always admired our creative talents. So, in December of 2005, we decided to combine our talents together and bring to life R & M Productions.